Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MozCon Notes Day 3

My uncut and uncensored notes from MozCon Day 3 - please keep in mind that there was a pretty amazing party the night before. Some comments may be hangover induced....

MozCon Day 3 – Wil Reynolds    You are so Much More than an SEO

Search User Experience – That’s what we should really be doing and caring about.


A great concierge in a hotel is all about your experience after you’ve already paid for your hotel room.

Sometimes the team that gets you from a to b isn’t the team that will get you from b to c.

What got you HERE, won’t get you THERE.

Putting your finger on a key doesn’t make you a writer.

Can you deliver a strategy that’s holistic, end to end and integrated. Customers matter more than links.

Branding – SEER hired and advertising agency to help them think differently.
When do you know when your job is well done? -  You need to give the client what tbey haven’t even asked you for yet.

It is your job to fight for what will get you from b to c.  Fight being pigeon holed.

Ask why 5 times for everything that your boss asks you to do. When you ask why 5 times, not only will you piss your boss off but it will force them to think about and define what’s really important.

What if I could grow your business without “10 blog posts a month”…is that a fail?

You will get push back.

Outputs vs Outcomes

(Water for Waslala, Nicaragua) – Building the wells and infrastructure is the input, the output its people are more healthy.

Getting 30 links is an output – Growing a business is an outcome. Try following the money… Did you ever get check from anyone at Google.

#SUX requires social.  How often are you getting a higher CTR because of authorship and then jumping up and down thinking  “I won.”   You might win some but you just lost one.

Is that loss going to show up in your ranking reports.
There’s lot of opportunity if we take over Social.  Caring about the customer will cause people to listen to you.

Relationships are fragile and they are multi touch.

“I want to make sure that everyone who comes to our site has a great experience.”

Are you willing to fix that experience? I can’t convert someone you don’t care about.
What if we built cliques instead of driving clicks? 

How to look at other things you’re doing to bring a better experience to your customers:

1.     Facebook Ads – 2500% ROI Facebook Custom Audiences

Improving Retention with Facebook Custom Audiences. Target specific segments. 

2.     Taboola – Built 30 links by doing PPC  bit.ly/10k-test

How does brand type-in traffic effect my traffic?
YouTube #SUX  - Take people who have created tutorials for features that make something easier and advertise on those.

Why can’t ccisolutions ….?

Why can’t a behringer x32…..?
Why can’t a presonus 32….?

Betterific – Too often we aren’t giving customers what they want. We give them what we want them to want.

One client made $500,000 in one year by participating in forums. Spend one hour a month trying to help people with your expertise.

Do a “site:” for a forum plus the words “looking for” – and just help someone.
The key is to use analytics to enable and enhance creativity.

What can we cannibalize that we do every day and go kill it.

25 ways to get your client to stop asking bitly/CTRisbroken

Destinationlayover.com  - 

Paddy Moogan

Organic Search – www.urlprofiler.com

For actively disavowing and removing low quality links

Audit your linkable assets from the beginning of your projects.
Use Scrapebox for keyword research

Pay to promote your best performing (converting) content.

(Don’t’ Tweet) Steal your competitors’ curated blog content - @autographer

*****Every Twitter account has lists of lists that have been curated. Go do this on your competitors’ Twitter accounts.

Use Facebook Ads to support your outreach – Custom Audiences. You can define them by uploading a data file.  Also use them to target people who work at publications (influencers who can help you promote your content). You can use Lookalike lists to target people who are very similar to the people you’ve already got.

You can use Create Pixel to create a pixel to track people who’ve clicked through to your content, it will find more people that are similar to people who’ve already clicked through to your content and then target them via Facebook Ads.

Check out Twitter tailored audiences.

Use GA’s reverse goal path report under “Conversions”

Use Google Surveys to find out why customers aren’t converting, or to get information about their UX.


Measure the reach of your hastags – Tweetreach.com

Fireside Chat -  Fireside chat with Sarah Bird

Punishing failure stifles creativity.

Richard Baxter – Interactive Content

Most of the time we are fixing things, making things or communicating ideas.
We are constantly competing for attention from our customers and what works today may not work tomorrow.

Tweet this - I gifted storyteller really understand s the medium via which they choose to tell the story.

“Stop with the pooping on the Internet!”

oliveremberton.com  Check out this blog

You’ve got to know how it’s built as a great content marketer/storyteller

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics

Polygon’s XBOX one review is an example

Jquery – a library of functions that have been built in javascript

Example – Interactive graphic from Intuit about the Future of the Office. (Death of the Office)

WebGL is a 3d rendering language for your browser. It works in Chrome

CSS -  @thebabydino  talented CDD designer

The Best of Fluent: JS + HTML5 Video + Canvas

Embedded JS Charts

Post – There is no ‘Creative Method’

Read book:  “A Technique for Producing Ideas”

Book called Tunes: Behind the Scenes at the Internet

How is the story going to be told?

1.     Technical Setup and Feasibility – How will it be hosted?  before you present it to the people who decide whether or not what you want to be build is a good idea.
2.     Stakeholder recruitment – Do it before you start writing or designing anything.
3.     Asset Collection + Research – Study a topic before you write a title or start writing your story. Try using Mirrorly – Mirly?)
4.     Storyboard creation -  an iterative document that helps you structure the story you want to tell.  Their storyboard was simply a Word document, no visuals and this is what they send to the developers.

Data: raw materials for the story
Flow: how the content is organized
Assets: features, copy and images
5.     Rapid Prototyping

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

6.     Launch

What a quarter-century of Internet growth looks like underwater someone came along and did the same piece of content in an animated gif and it was more popular than the piece that Richard Baxter’s team had created.

On responsive testing:  http://responsinator.com

Every time we encountered a problem, it was because of process.

If you don’t love it, you can’t ship it.  If you give them a crap piece of work out there….

Annie Cushing -  Demystifying Data Visualization for Marketers

What can I talk about that is something that I struggle with that I can talk about and then benefit from the preparation for the presentation.

Excel Charts:

1.     Data Series….data that goes into the buckets
2.     Categories ….like buckets

Categories are going to show up in the chart and the data series will show up in the legend.

Google Analytics

1.     Dimensions – far left column in any Google Analytics report. If you want more than one you can apply a secondary dimension or create a custom report. If you want more than two dimensions you need to use the API.
2.     Metrics – If it can be measured with a number, it’s a metric.  Anything else, if you bring it into Excel it will come in as text because it’s a dimension.

Metrics=data series

Metrics- multiple

You can’t do this in the standard UI – You have to go to API

Find a dimension in GA that will give you ONE bucket
Audience> Custom > User Defined   You can ignore the (not set) and get what you want. If for some reason when you do this you have more than one row of data, you need to update to custom variables.

Dimension – 1
Metrics – 1

Example – Total revenue by country

Chart Options – Pie Chart, Radar Chart, Column Chart, Horizontal Bar chart (Good for thigs with longer axis labels) – Get rid of grid lines, Create Spartan charts, Spider Web Chart or even a Heat Map alternative (check out Annie’s video tutorial)

Dimensions – 1
Metrics – Multiple (non time-based)

Chart Options – Side by side column chart, stacked column chart. And horizontal versions of these, 100% stacked column chart, Radar chart, combination chart (great for using if you are comparing two things that are inherently different.

Dimensions – 1
Metrics – Multiple (time-based)

Chart Options – Line Chart (Communicates continuity),  Filled line chart, side by side columns, stacked column, 100% column. Annie doesn’t recommend using bar charts.

Tweet this – AJ Kohn’s blog (not Richard Baxter) has a post that shows how to create line charts for a ranking index using pivot tables.

Dimensions – 2
Metrics – 1 (You’ll only get one)

Chart Options – Everything that was there with one dimension, multiple metrics.

Excel can’t chart out two dimensions and one metric when they are in the tabular format provided by Excel.

There is only one way to get your data into this format and that’s by using a pivot table.

Dana DiTomaso – Prove Your Value

If you are only reporting on last-click attribution, it’s like putting together a football team and only paying the players who score.


Clients don’t always care about what you care about.

How do you define great work?  You have to set goals.

Goals vs. Aspirations – SMART goals!

Don’t say the word “conversions” to a client. The automatically associate that with a sale. Sometimes it’s a download, form fill, etc.

It’s a two way conversation. How can you easily show progress?

Repeat the goals over and over every month.
Can anyone read and understand your report?

Value-based billing – The idea of what you charge is based on what value it provides the client.

Personality Matters



If your audience is extroverted




Reduce the Anxiety

Tools to determine Personality
(look at the slide deck)

Rand’s Final talk

When anchor text appears time after time after time, it starts to appear in auto-suggest tools in search suggestion tools.

Does Google Index URLs shared on Social Media Faster?

Yes, probably

Can Google+ Impact rankings

No, not in non-personalized results.

The remaining noted of Rand's talk have been kept private out of respect for some things he is testing.