Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Lose Weight as a Businesswoman

Hi all. As most of you know, I have been on a personal journey for the last six months. It's a journey that isn't yet quite over, but getting close. When I started this journey I weighed 210 pounds. When it ends I will weigh 130 pounds.

Why? Why Did I Decide to Lose Weight as a Middle-Aged Businesswoman?

1. I did it for charity.

I love I love everything about it, the mission, the people, the marketing, the message, everything. I was sold from day one. I wanted to help, but I needed a gimmick. I thought, "Losing weight would be a great gimmick!" So I started.

2. I did it because I'm viciously a good way of course!

I love winning. I hate losing. My workplace initiated a "Biggest Loser" content. I didn't initially want to enter, because I knew if I did, I HAD TO WIN and, I did. 'Nuff said.

3. I did it because society discriminates against fat people.

I couldn't change society. But I could change myself. I hate that store clerks in Macy's and even members of my own family treated me as "invisible" because I was fat. But you know what, I wasn't ever going to change them and their shallow-mindedness. What I could change was myself and then write blog posts like this one.

4. I did it because I wanted people to take me seriously.

Everybody says they want to lose weight, but almost no one ever does it. I wanted to be the exception. If you say you are going to lose 80 pounds, and you follow through, no one will ever doubt you again. If they do, they're really dumb.

5. I did it because I wanted to play with my kids.

I have three kids, ages 19, 15 and 11. My 19-year-old is in college know. She is the only one who remembers me when I was at a healthy weight. My kids are active. My kids pay sports (something I never did and was never encouraged to do as a child). I want to hike, bike, kayak and cross-country ski with them before they are too old and don't have time for me any more.

6. I did this because I want to walk into Forever 21 and buy something to wear.

Let's face it. Clothes just don't look good on fat people. Everything, regardless of how tailored it might be, looks like a frickin' caftan. I was tired of not having a waist line. I wanted to wear belts again!

7. I didn't want to get diabetes.

I have diabetes coming at me from both sides of my family. I don't want to die like Liz Taylor, a beautiful woman who exhibited no self control in her life and died with one foot missing.

8. I didn't want someone to have to dive into the rubble to rescue me after an earthquake. I wanted to be the rescuer.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, aka, "The Ring of Fire." Earthquakes and volcanoes are a fact of life here. I didn't want to be a liability in an emergency situation. I wanted to be an asset. I wanted to be capable of working many hours, sifting through rubble to save someone's life....and if it was me buried under the rubble, I wanted to be the one with the strength to last until someone rescued me.

9.  I wanted to look good presenting at MozCon.

I admit it. Presenting at Mozcon has been a dream of mine ever since I first attended Mozcon in 2012. I want to look as sexy as Nathalie Nahai!  Okay, maybe my dream of presenting at Mozcon may come true, but I doubt that I'll ever look as good as Nathalie. Hey, a girl can dream!

10. I wanted my integrity and work ethic to be unquestionable.

Unfortunately, along with discriminating again fat people, society also deems them lazy and less worthy of being promoted. People know how hard losing weight is. Whether it's right or not, they attach a value to it. I know that after I've lost 80 pounds, no one will ever question my sense of dedication or work ethic again.

Frankly, if that's all that it took to shut them up about that, it was worth it.

That's really it in a nutshell. Nothing really earth-shattering here, right? All that being said, I want to say something very important. I was very happy being fat. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wish small-minded people would bother to look beyond what's just skin deep.