Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google Related Searches - No They Are Not Gone, They Just Moved

Okay all my fellow SEOs who have your panties in a wad. Sit down and have a listen.

Grumpy Baby meme - Google ruined my day!

On April 1st I posted in the SEOMoz Q & A that I was no longer seeing "Related Searches" as an option. I stomped my feet and pouted and no one really cared becase, apparently, most everyone was still seeing it at that point.

I have news for you. Google Related Searches Have Not Gone Away!

Happy baby meme - Woohoo!

They have just moved.

They are now located at the bottom of the Page 1 SERP. Voila! Problem solved...and now, it's just there. You don't have to jump through extra hoops. Thanks Google???? . :-)

Glenda the good witch with the Wiched Witch of the West

Here's a screenshot of where the information is now:

First Page of Google SERP Result

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