Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Set Up Remarketing Campaigns in Google Adwords!

  1. Navigate to Google Adwords “All Online Campaigns”
  2. Click the “Display Network” Tab
  3. Click the “Interests and Remarketing” Tab [Screenshot]
  4. Screenshot showing you how to select Interests and Remarketing for more specific choices in your remarketing campaigns
  5. Select your desired Ad Group
  6. Screenshot shows how to select Ad Groups for your remarketing campaigns
  7. Define Your placements – Don’t allow Google to select “All”
  8. Screenshot sowing how to define your placements in Google Adwords remarketing
  9. Leave the default setting to “Show ads only on these placements.” This will control impressions and help keep costs under control. If you decide you want to widen the scope because you are getting too few impressions you can change this later.
  10. Select the appropriate targeting topics for this specific Ad Group and again, leave the default
  11. Add your remarketing lists to your Display Network inventory – At first, you will want to add all available remarketing lists because they are so small. When they get bigger, you will want to revisit this and perhaps segment them or make other adjustments.
  12. <
    Remarketing tutorial screenshot shows how to add remarketing lists to display network inventory
  13. Select any gender and/or age demographics you would like to select for remarketing.
  14. If you set up remarketing and have questions, comments or suggestions I'd certainly love to hear them. Please leave me a comment. I pay attention to these and will answer every single question!