Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Web Directories Additional

Web Directories for Site Submission Sorted by PageRank - Update February 15, 2013

*This is an addendum containing even more high PageRank Web Directories in addition to my earlier post 100+ High PageRank Web Directories for Site Submission [This post was updated on 2/15/13].

Save yourself the time and agony of weeding through old, inaccurate, unmaintained lists of Web Directories that no longer have accurate PageRank or cost information. I personally went through every one of these directories and checked PageRank, cost information, and made sure the Directory was still "alive" and functioning. Look for a soon-to-be published future post on how to properly submit your Web site to a Web directory and why every Webmaster needs to be disciplined about submitting and maintaining those submissions. You will notice a Weblog and a few RSS Directories thrown into the mix. They had really high PageRank so I felt it was important to include them as possibilities.

DirectoryPageRank     Cost
metafilter.com7$5.00 One Time
pioneerdir.com7$34.95 One Time
specialdir.com6$18.95 One Time
alivedirectory.com6$34.95 One Time
supremedir.com6$24.95 One Time
webmaster-directory.org4$29.99 One Time
earthwebdirectory.com5$45.00 One Time
iozoo.com5€ 29.90 One Time
yalwa.com5Free (yearly)
dirbuzz.com5$59.99 One Time
ubublu.com5$58.99 One Time
top5jamaica.com4$5.00 One Time
linkcentre.biz4$5.00 One Time
humanediteddirectory.net4$5.00 One Time
hivethrive.com4$10.95 One Time
baminfo.com4$30.00 One Time
dirmania.org4$10.00 One Time
cdhnow.com4$49.95 One Time
directory.v7n.com4$49.95 One Time
dirranks.com3$30.00 One Time
ukzone.info3£ 29.50 One Time
directorydean.com3$39.95 One Time
submit-link.org3$19.00 One Time [broken]3Free

Many of the directories listed here as "Free" also have paid upgraded submissions that include faster review times or even upgraded or premium listings. Depending on your specific business model and budget, some of these may be more right for you than others. Keep in mind that just because the directory's home page might have a decent PageRank, the page your listing ends up on might not. If you can pay a little bit of money to be listed in a top tier category, it might be worth it.

Have additional suggestions or notice any errors in my information? Please let me know in the open comments and I will update this page with your information.

Happy submitting!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day Parting Reports-Google Analytics & Ad Scheduling in Google Adwords

How to Use Day Parting Reports in Google Analytics to Set Up Ad Scheduling in Google Adwords

Are you using Ad Scheduling in your Adwords Campaigns? 

Setting up Ad Scheduling can save you up to 75% on your Adwords costs. Here's a tutorial... 

  1. Log in to Google Analytics and click Standard Reporting in the Top Nav Menu

  2. Click "Advertising" in the left nav menu.

  3. Click "Adwords" (this appears when you click "Advertising")

  4. Click "Day Parts"

  5. In the upper right of the resulting screen - set your date range to cover your website's complete history

  6. Click "Day of Week" [Screenshot 1] 

  7. Google Analytics > Advertising > Day Parts
    Screenshot 1 - Google Analytics - Advertising > Day Parts
  8. Click "0" which represents Sunday [Screenshot 2]

  9. Screenshot 2 - Google Analytics Advertising>Day Parts>Day of Week>Day 0
    Important Note: You need to know that "0" is Sunday. This is absolutely crucial to understand. If you don't take this into account, your ad scheduling could end up by being off an entire day.

  10. In the resulting screen [Screenshot 3], make a note of what hours during the day you got sales or leads. Hours are listed in military time (or a 24 hour clock)

  11. Screenshot 3 - Google Analytics - Advertising > Day Parting > Day of Week > Hour of Day
  12. Click the "back" button to go back to the list of days and click "1" which is Monday

  13. Again, in the resulting screen, make a note of what hours during Mondays you got sales or leads

  14. Repeat this process for every day, through Day 6 - which is Saturday

  15. Now Log in to Google Adwords and click the "Campaigns" tab

  16. Click your first campaign and click the "Settings" tab

  17. Scroll down to "Advanced Settings" and click on  "Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling" [Screenshot 4]

  18. Screenshot 4 - Google Adwords - Campaign Settings - Advanced Settings
  19.  In the resulting screen, click on "Edit" [Screenshot 5]

  20. Screenshot 5 - Google Adwords - Campaign Settings - Edit Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
  21. A window will pop up that looks like this [Screenshot 6] - In the upper right select "24 hour clock" so that your hours will match up with your notes from Google Analytics. 

  22. Screenshot 6 - Google Adwords - Ad Scheduling Pop up Window
    Important Note: You need to know that the hours listed in both your Google Analytics accounts and Google Adwords are based on your account settings. Make sure they are the same, otherwise your ad scheduling could be off by several hours. In my case both my accounts are set to Pacific time, so 9AM means 9AM Pacific time.

  23. Remembering that "0" is Sunday - adjust your ad scheduling to show ads only during the times your site has had conversions.

  24. When finished adjusting the times, click "Save"

  25. Repeat this process for each of your campaigns

  26. Voila! You've successfully implemented Ad Scheduling in your Adwords campaigns!
Day parting can save you as much as 75% on your Google Adwords advertising expenses. It will direct money that you were once wasting on days and hours that weren't converting and allow you to put more money into the times and days of the week that are producing good results. You should see a significant improvement in conversion rates and a decrease in your bounce rates. Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear your thoughts and how you've used different methods to improve your Google Adwords campaign performance.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Identify Negative Keywords that are Costing You Money in Google Adwords

Spend 5 Minutes on One Easy Lesson That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Google Adwords

Read This Post - Identify Your Negative Terms & You'll Save Thousands in Google Adwords!

I know many of us have a love hate relationship with Google. I am the same. One minute they are giving you a genius free tool like Google Analytics and the next minute they are trying to convince you there's a party going on at Google+, when everyone's really still on Facebook.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Megan at Google. She's on the Google Adwords support team. I've been doing Adwords a long time, so I was pretty confident that my keywords were good and that my campaigns were well-organized. She even gave me a compliment and said my campaigns were the best she'd seen in over a!

However, there was one thing, she said, it seemed I had missed....negative keywords.

She was right. I knew about negative keywords. I am working in a pretty tight niche, so I really didn't think to worry about it. It wasn't quite like my last project for a company called "Kingdom." There, we actively added terms like "Magic Kingdom" to our negative keywords list because we weren't selling anything Disney-related and we certainly didn't want to pay Disney's pay-per-click prices for traffic that wouldn't find anything relevant to Disney Worl on our site.

What Megan showed me next blew me away....

Follow me and I'll show you how to identify all the keywords you need to add to your "Negative Keywords" list in your Google Adwords campaigns.

  1. Login to Google Adwords
  2. Click on the "Keywords" Tab
  3. Set your Date Range for "All Time" 
  4. Click on the "See Search Terms" drop down box and select "View All" [Screenshot]
  6. Voila! You are now taken to a list of keywords real people typed into Google that triggered your add
  7. Survey the list, and check the box next to any words you feel are irrelevant or should trigger an ad
  8. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click the "Add as Negative Keyword" box [Screenshot]
  9. Voila times two! You wil now see a red "Excluded" icon next to the words you selected

Don't worry, if you change your mind later and want to reactivate some of your negative keywords you can. Just click the checkbox next to your terms and select "Add as keyword." Want to see something REALLY interesting? Try downloading the list into an Excel spreadsheet and add up how much you've spent paying users to click on the keywords you've now identified as "negative." That total is how much money you've wasted on irrelevant clicks up until now. 

Did you find this information helpful? How much money have you spent on irrelevant clicks? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear your results!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

High PageRank Web Directory Listings

Best Web Directories

Top 100 Web Directories for Site Submission Sorted by PageRank

*Updated on 2/15/2013 - Updated all Directory information - Some directories were deleted because they are no longer in Google's Index and many actually improved in PageRank since this time last year.

I put together this list because I had trouble finding good current lists, with up-to-date pricing and PageRank for good Web Directory Submissions. I hope this is helpful to those of you who have run across the same outdated Websites I kept finding when I was looking for good directories for my client's Website submissions.

DirectoryPageRank     Cost$299/year
direktory.org8$39.95/One Time
botw.org7$299.95 Once or $149.95/Yr 7Free
clora.net6$49.95 One Time
whatuseek.com6$24.99 Once or $16.99/Yr
joeant.com6$39.99 One Time
killerstartups.com6Free$39.95 One Time
bhanvad.com5$25.00 One Time
ehef-newdelhi.org6$48.00/One Time
fluser.com5$27.50 One Time
uncoverthenet.com5$159 Once or $59 Per Year 5$35.00 One Time
abilogic.com5$15.00 One Time
pulso.org5$35.00 One Time
noflux.net5$36.99 One Time
directory-web.net5$49.99 One Time
frontiereconomy.com5$19.95 One Time
suggest-url.org5$40.00 One Time
theredtree.com5$8.00 One Time
worldsiteindex.com5£ 7.99 One Time
splut.com5$15.95 One Time
elib.org59 Euros One Time
linksgiving.com5$29 Per Year
cannylink.com5$19.95 One Time
chiff.com5$297 Per Year
123world.com5$199 Per Year
isedb.com5Free [SEM sites only]
goguides.com5$69.95 One Time
allfreethings.com5$5.95 One Time
cantufind.com5$49.99 One Time
web-beacon.com5$39.99 One Time
wowdirectory.com5$43.00 One Time
findelio.com5Some Free or $40.00 One Time
dirjournal.com5$59.95/year or $159.95 One Time
dirmaxe.com4$37.37 One Time
adirect2z.com4£ 9.00 One Time
rlrouse.com4$49.95 One Time
refertus.info4Free [German and English]
clickey.com4Free - but currently broken
yeandi.com4$24.00 One Time
qango.com4$15.00 One Time
allthebizz.com4$15.00 One Time
dirbull.com4$66.98/One Time
keyadir.com4$9.99/One Time
nextsbd.com3$10.00 One Time
ijull.com3$7.99 One Time
catholic.org3PPC Paid Placements
smallerbizz.com3$10.00 One Time
cuedirectory.com3$67.99/One Time

Many of the directories listed here as "Free" also have paid upgraded submissions that include faster review times or even upgraded or premium listings. Depending on your specific business model and budget, some of these may be more right for you than others. Keep in mind that just because the directory's home page might have a decent PageRank, the page your listing ends up on might not. If you can pay a little bit of money to be listed in a top tier category, it might be worth it.

Have additional suggestions or notice any errors in my information? Please let me know in the open comments and I will update this page with your information.

Happy submitting!

Hungry for More? Checkout my follow up blog post conataining an additional 50+ High PR Web Directories - Click Here