Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Web Directories Additional

Web Directories for Site Submission Sorted by PageRank - Update February 15, 2013

*This is an addendum containing even more high PageRank Web Directories in addition to my earlier post 100+ High PageRank Web Directories for Site Submission [This post was updated on 2/15/13].

Save yourself the time and agony of weeding through old, inaccurate, unmaintained lists of Web Directories that no longer have accurate PageRank or cost information. I personally went through every one of these directories and checked PageRank, cost information, and made sure the Directory was still "alive" and functioning. Look for a soon-to-be published future post on how to properly submit your Web site to a Web directory and why every Webmaster needs to be disciplined about submitting and maintaining those submissions. You will notice a Weblog and a few RSS Directories thrown into the mix. They had really high PageRank so I felt it was important to include them as possibilities.

DirectoryPageRank     Cost
metafilter.com7$5.00 One Time
pioneerdir.com7$34.95 One Time
specialdir.com6$18.95 One Time
alivedirectory.com6$34.95 One Time
supremedir.com6$24.95 One Time
webmaster-directory.org4$29.99 One Time
earthwebdirectory.com5$45.00 One Time
iozoo.com5€ 29.90 One Time
yalwa.com5Free (yearly)
dirbuzz.com5$59.99 One Time
ubublu.com5$58.99 One Time
top5jamaica.com4$5.00 One Time
linkcentre.biz4$5.00 One Time
humanediteddirectory.net4$5.00 One Time
hivethrive.com4$10.95 One Time
baminfo.com4$30.00 One Time
dirmania.org4$10.00 One Time
cdhnow.com4$49.95 One Time
directory.v7n.com4$49.95 One Time
dirranks.com3$30.00 One Time
ukzone.info3£ 29.50 One Time
directorydean.com3$39.95 One Time
submit-link.org3$19.00 One Time [broken]3Free

Many of the directories listed here as "Free" also have paid upgraded submissions that include faster review times or even upgraded or premium listings. Depending on your specific business model and budget, some of these may be more right for you than others. Keep in mind that just because the directory's home page might have a decent PageRank, the page your listing ends up on might not. If you can pay a little bit of money to be listed in a top tier category, it might be worth it.

Have additional suggestions or notice any errors in my information? Please let me know in the open comments and I will update this page with your information.

Happy submitting!