Friday, July 15, 2011

What do Facebook & the new Movie ‘Without Men’ have in common? Could it be all the men have run to Google+ ?

It's been over 10 days since I originally posted this and Google's subscriber base has increased by roughly 33% from about 30,000 when the post was written to 40,000. The 9 to 1 male to female ratio is holding.  - updated 7/26/11

I had to chuckle when I read an article today at the Huffington Post previewing a new Indie film called ‘Without Men.’ The basic premise of the film, it seems,  is that all the men in town have been forcibly recruited by a “bunch of guerilla revolutionaries.” Really? I thought? Google+ got them too???

According to Google’s statistics - 9 out of 10 Google+ members are male. In stark contrast, on Facebook American women outnumber American men almost 6 to 4. Since Google+’s startling statistic was widely reported on July 14, the Twittersphere has been ablaze with sausage jokes and people trying to answer the question: Why?

Facebook Demographics Revisited - 2011 Statistics
by Ken Burbarry
Why have so few women have jumped on the Google+ bandwagon?

Let’s examine a possible parallel situation because it might give us some clues. In June the New York Times cited a Forrester Research study showing that women prefer ereaders like the Nook while men prefer the iPad. Unfortunately, the article didn’t provide a link to the actual research study. If any of you readers can provide it in comments below that would be great. Nonetheless, we’ll proceed on the cautious assumption that the reporter at the NY Times checked his sources.

Why is it that women prefer e-readers to tablets?

I suggest that the answer to both of the questions above is the same. The writer of the NY Times article cited that “publishers’ [he wisely didn’t say which ones] believe these are the primary reasons:

·      Women prefer simpler devices
·      Women think that programs like Rock Band, and Hi-Res cameras are “guy stuff”
·      Marketing of e-readers is more focused on women, tablet marketing is more focused on men

Okay ladies, can I just say what a load of hooey! “Simpler devices”…really? Perhaps that explains why so many women prefer men? Hi-Res cameras are “guy stuff?” Hogswollop! I happen to be typing this blog post on a MacBook Pro that has Garage Band which I will use to add music to my fireworks videos from the 4th of July, that, by the way, I shot with my Hi-res camera on my iPhone!

Okay, so that leaves one thing left….Marketing

Who do major retailers, corporations, pundits and politicians view as primary decision makers? Men. Who do these same organizations pay more than women? Men. Consequently, who do same said organizations view as the group with more disposable income? Men. If these statements are true, and even in this day and age we know they are, and you had something new that you wanted to mass market, who would you target first? Right, men.

So you see, the reason men outnumber women on Google+ is all about marketing. Do you think that the first new organization that Google announced Google+ to was O Magazine? Did Google+ come out with selling points like “You’ll be able to upload and share recipes, pictures of your grandchildren with faster and easier scrap-booking features on Google+ !” No. It was rolled out to Web geeks who, and I’m speaking from experience, are about 90 percent male. Google+ was touted as being better, stronger faster and just plain slicker than the social media sites that went before. Yes! It is the “Bionic Man” of social media sites! It's like Facebook on Viagra! It goes to 11.

So does this mean that soon Facebook will be like the town in the movie ‘Without Men?’ If so, will Oprah buy Mark Zuckerberg out and call it “O-Facebook?” That might be interesting. In the meantime, look out boys, because this girl can handle both a Facebook account AND a Google+ account at the same time, while shooting a video cast with my iPhone’s Hi-Res camera as I edit my fireworks videos in Garage Band.